We the undersigned, call upon the Government and Judiciary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to uphold the legal and human rights of the 29 residents collectively known as Kulaksiz 5 whose homes are now threatened by Akfinans Bank Limited, and other residents threatened  by the inadequacies of its legal and banking system.

Just like 1,400 other families, Kulaksiz 5 bought their homes in good faith, respecting all the laws of the TRNC .  They now find themselves innocent victims of developers and land owners who were allowed to mortgage the land already owned  by Kulaksiz 5, of lawyers  who failed to properly register and defend their interests, and unprofessional banks  that ignored  legal checks on ownership, charged extortionate  interest  and then allowed the debt to keep growing.

The TRNC owes a duty of care to innocent homebuyers, mostly elderly people who invested their life savings in North Cyprus.  They have been promised protection;   yet the TRNC  failed to prevent the immoral and unlawful auction of their homes.

We call on the TRNC to:

– Pass new laws to remedy the inadequacies of the current property regime;

-apply these retrospectively;

-allow innocent parties legal protection for their investment ; and

-prevent banks and other parties from violating the human  and legal rights of innocent homebuyers

Failure to do this will not only destroy confidence in the TRNC’s Construction and Property industries but also open the way to European  legal action, all of which will sully the good name of the TRNC  and make it harder to  end the current   embargoes.   Please act before it gets to this point.

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