Intimidation – Akfinans Bank’s approach to Kulaksiz 5

Intimidate: verb, to coerce especially with threats, to frighten, scare or overawe. This is the definition of the word from the Chambers Compact Dictionary.

  • The break in at Pauline Read’s villa and the seizure of it, is indeed intimidating.
  • The use a motor vehicle as a weapon against a former resident is indeed intimidating.
  • The presence of so many Akfinans Bank Limited’s workmen in Democrasi Sokak is indeed intimidating.
  • The witnessing of Akfinans Bank Limited’s personnel breaking into Eva McCluskey’s villa is indeed intimidating.
  • The threats of arrest by the police, when called to the site by Akfinans Bank Limited, is indeed intimidating.
  • The perception that the Police when called by the residents of Kulaksiz 5 will not attend is indeed intimidating.
  • The perception that there will be further ‘break ins’ by Akfinans Bank Limited is indeed intimidating.
  • The taking over of the water supply via the Belediysi by Akfinans Bank Limited is indeed intimidating.
  • The appearance of locks on some of the electricity meters in Democrasi Sokak is indeed intimidating.
  • The blocking of the roads with building waste is indeed intimidating.

All these things have happened and are still happening on Kulaksiz 5 and it would seem that the ‘powers that be’ do not give a damn that old frail and desperate pensioners are being subjected to this level of intimidation here in the TRNC in the 21st century.

I have now learned that the shortfall in the electricity used by the residents is in excess of 400TL. They have no way of checking how much the builders, ergo Akfinans Bank Limited, have used because of the padlock on the meter boxes of my villa and the one belonging to Eva McCluskey. Ertul Kader the family member and part owner of the Bank, the one who gave his ‘pal’ Yuksel Yilmaz the mortgages, was made aware of the problem and was asked for the Bank’s share of the electricity bill. His response was that if you do not pay the bill you will be cut off by Kibtek. Another form of intimidation? The residents not only have to watch their street being turned into a huge building site with debris being unnecessarily strewn everywhere, they are now being asked to pay for the electricity fuelling the heavy machinery Akfinans are using to carry out this work.

Mr Kader was also asked what the residents were supposed to do, because thanks to the Bank having the roads dug up, the residents are unable to park in their own driveways. His response was: park somewhere else. This man’s compassion is only exceeded by his arrogance.

The option to escape this ‘prison camp’ the K5 residents find themselves in is not available to them. Every penny they earned during their entire working lives is invested in their homes. The spectre of Akfinans Bank Limited taking their homes, their dreams, their very lives is in their every waking moment and often follows them into their sleep. One resident told me that it is now a regular occurrence for him to wake up screaming, his nightmares have become so vivid.

How much longer is the TRNC Government going to allow this to continue? Well if their present performance is anything to go by, until we die, or until these alleged megalomaniacs, Akfinans Bank limited, are stopped. There appears to be no help coming to Kulaksiz 5. It may be that winning at the ECHR (their only hope?) may come too late for some of them.

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