in Cyprus Star – 9/9/2011

I bought the Cyprus Star today primarily to see if they included the press release announcing that the membership of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus and, yes indeed, there on page 6 was our release.  Also on the page was the final tally from Kulaksiz 5’s charity do at Club Simena.   A whopping 6,350TL to help swell the Legal Fighting Fund, this money is being ring fenced for just that purpose and held in a client account at the office of Kulaksiz 5’s Advocate Mr Boysan Boyra.
I was pleasantly surprised by Cyprus Star and mightily impressed with some of the issues being addressed therein.
There is a very interesting two page spread on Human Rights.  A cause very dear to the hearts of the Kulaksiz 5 who besides fighting many cases here in the TRNC have a case already submitted to European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.  Normally it is not possible to submit your case until all legal remedies are exhausted within the the system of the country your case is being heard in.  However,  our  Advocate Mr. Boysan Boyra obviously found a way round this; witness the fact that the ECHR have the case and have allocated a case number.  I suppose it is almost inevitable that the two page spread should carry that  infamous photo of the  Akfinans Bank ‘BUM’   breaking in through the window of the villa belonging to Eva McCluskey.
Mr McCluskey died around Christmas time last year after an illness exacerbated by the stress caused by Akfinans Bank Limited. Their illegal repossession of her home cannot have helped Eva who is in England too ill and frail to be here in the TRNC.  It really does make a nonsense of the comment by the judge when denying the Interim Injunction, how on earth can old people be subjected to intimidation and eviction and not suffer irreversible harm.   Maybe people as cold hearted as the owners of Akfinans Bank Limited would not, but these are people with hearts, with compassion and with love, they most certainly will suffer great harm, my real fear is that some will not survive it.
I am very aware that the 1400 plus in the mortgage queue, people who found after signing the Contract and paying for their homes that the builder then took a mortgage on it.  The antiquated laws here in the TRNC and the need to wait for Permission to Purchase before the property can be put into the purchasers names has allowed it.   Not our fault says the Government, really,  well  tell me who took the Stamp Duty revenue making the Contract Legal?  Who allowed the Banks to use the loophole in the laws that should have been repealed years ago?  Who refuses to act against the builders/banks/landowners?   Who refused to acknowledge the problems brought to your attention by many buyers and the HBPG?  Who has ignored the pleas of all the victims?  Most importantly, who continues to act as if there is no problem?
Never give in – never give up

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