‘How have my Human Rights been violated, let me count the ways’

Just how much can one person cope with. In my case, I am finding strengths I did not know I possessed, perhaps it is the combination of the English, Irish, Welsh and Red Indian blood that courses through my veins; or perhaps it is just simply, God is with me in my fight. I certainly did not have any idea that my age I would be taking on an entire Government but circumstances have forced me to do just that.

‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways’. Well the people of TRNC, I do love you, I love your way of life, I love your country; so maybe you could find it in your heart to love me back, if only a little.

‘How have my Human Rights been violated, let me count the ways’

1. A mortgage was taken out on my property at Kulaksiz 5 without my knowledge or consent.

2. A court case took place and AKFINANS BANK LIMITED were given a court order to repossess my property, without my knowledge or involvement. November 2008.

3. An Auction took place on 6th June 2010 and had someone not seen the notice on the the coffee shop window and drew our attention to it, this too would have gone ahead without my knowledge.

4. Illegal breaking and entering into my property to change the locks, cut off the electricity. No legal sanction by way of a court order (which is mandatory) was sought or given. In effect they stole my villa. 30th July 2010

5. On leaving my villa the Bank Manager and the Advocate deliberately and maliciously drove their motor car at my partner, causing him to have to jump out of the way to avoid injury or death.

6. I am given the runaround by the government in order to ‘facilitate’ the permission to hold the planned SILENT PEACEFUL CANDLELIT VIGIL and then refused permission. Permission I now know I did not need. It was made very clear that I risked arrest and possible deportation without this permission. More lies, although having seen what is happening to Geoff and Mary Day in the courts in Girne, I did not take the risk.

Now I would like you to multiply this by the other 1400 other victims of the mortgage frauds and then factor in the thousands of property scam victims.

The most appalling aspect of this very sad but true tale is that there are no consequences for the perpetrators of these crimes. The Estate Agents, the Builders, the Landowners, the Banks, the Advocates who are implicated in these crimes. I hasten to add that the majority of all these professions act honourably and within the law. It is just the ‘bad apples’ that you can find anywhere in the world, BUT anywhere else in the world they do face the consequences of their nefarious acts.

It has been said to me so many times that fraud is a Civil act here. I know that is not true, fraud is a criminal offence, even here, what is a civil matter is if you seek redress or compensation that is a ‘torte’ ergo a civil case.

Until we see arrests being made, the law being applied and prison sentences being handed down to these criminals we can have no faith in the system. It is so much easier to target a little old lady carrying a candle, legitimately drawing attention to all these wrongs.

Finally, let me take you back to a meeting of the Home Buyers Pressure Group. This meeting took place on 11 February 2009 and the guest speaker was Rasit Pertev politician. This is from the questions and answers session:

Q. Many of us may well like to come out and support you, but when we tried to protest/rally before we were told it was illegal and we could face imprisonment, so what can we do to support you?

A. Rasit Pertev: This is not true. When this was raised last time, I wrote to the then Attorney General and asked him if it was so, I asked if foreigners protested to an issue, do they have the right to do so? He wrote back saying YES, they have the right to protest, there is nothing written preventing them from doing so. There is nothing to stop you taking a black wreath (this is typical TC way of protesting) to the President’s Office or Parliaments door and get your picture taken by the Press.

There is a letter sitting somewhere in the Presidential files that says this.

I rest my case.

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