Hasan Sungur’s Rejected Offer to Incesu Victim Catherine Meddes

My article on Mr. Sungur’s replies to his critics went down very much as I expected. Perhaps the vehemence about my gullibility or indeed my ability as a writer was a little unexpected considering I made it quite clear when I wrote ‘I have reported as accurately as possible the facts supplied to me by Mr Sungur, permission to publish this being given by Mr Sungur.” However I do realise this is a very contentious subject so I do understand that feelings will be running very high. Who more than I would understand this?

I must admit I did have to laugh when I was accused of my 15 minutes of fame achieved with this article. Would that be to go along with the 15 minutes when I attacked the potential bidder at the auction of the K5 homes, or maybe the 15 minutes of fame when I was full size front page picture on the Yeni Duzen newspaper after the Tutuska auction, or maybe even my TV appearance on GAK TV or my 5 page face to face interview also in Yeni Duzen, or the allegation in Havadis that I am a Greek Propagandist with two villas with pools in the South, maybe my arrests or the impounding of Laura the laptop. I could go on, but the point I am making is that ever since I started campaigning against the property scams and the injustice here, I have been a target. Personal fame or gain has never been on my agenda. The political police know exactly who I am and I have even heard ridiculous rumours that I work for MI6, apparently every time I go south it is noted. I do go south often, why? Because I like it, because I like to get away from the pressure here, but mainly because I can.

Mr Sungur, whether you like him or hate him is key to solving the Incesu problem. Yucelgazi clearly does not have the will or it would seem the inclination to even try to help.

In 2009, Mr Sungur suggested selling the land to Yucelgazi. The thinking behind this, he told me, was that if the land were in the builder’s name the purchasers could put Injunctions on their villas and land to help safeguard themselves. He pointed out to me that whilst it remained in his name, they could not do this. Of course there was the obvious danger that if this did happen and the purchasers did not act quickly, the builder could have mortgaged the land once it was in his name. It was also pointed out to the purchasers that it could appear that Mr Sungur was trying to offset his problems by selling to Yucelgazi. The plan was rejected and Mr Sungur tells me he understood the reasons and respected the decision. Now I will make a personal observation here; where would Yucelgazi have obtained the money from, is he as broke as we are all led to believe? Mr Sungur did not sell the land to Yucelgazi.

In May 2011, there was another potential solution on the table and indeed it got as far as preparing the Protocol at the bottom of this article. This potential solution was between Hildy and Mr Sungur. I am not commenting on the merits or otherwise of this possible solution, merely point it out as another possible solution that was rejected.

You have all read the email between the purchasers on this site and details of yet another potential solution.

The purchasers have been badly wronged, no one is denying this, not even Mr Sungur. There is still dialogue between the purchasers and Mr Sungur, there is still a possibility of a solution. The blame game achieves nothing, whereas negotiating possibly can.


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