Geoff and Mary Day in court again 10:30am, Thursday 17th June 2010

Geoff and Mary Day are, like most of us here, just an ordinary couple who through hard work and forward planning have managed to realise their dream of a home in the sun. When did their dream turn into a living nightmare?

Mary aged 48 who suffered a heart attack in 2007 and Geoff, aged 60, truly believed they had landed in paradise, Yes, there were problems with the builder not fulfilling his obligations under the Contract, but hey, we all know how that goes, so wisely they were holding back a final payment of £13,000 from Ahmet Recaioglu the builder. The Contract of Sale is with the builders’ mother Hicran Recaioglu with Power of Attorney given to the builder Ahmet Recaioglu, Director of Recaioglu Limited.

Little did Geoff and Mary realise the lengths that the builder would go to force them to pay. I suspect that even the builder had not bargained for the fact that Geoff and Mary have principles and will not be bullied.

We all know the way the authorities arrested this couple on their return from the U.K. We all know that so many of their Human Rights have been infringed by a country whose own Human Rights are being violated. For that reason you would have expected a little more consideration for others rights. According to Geoff and Mary Day on arrest the following ensued:

1. Denied knowledge of the charges when first arrested;

2. Denied legal counsel when first arrested;

3. Kept in custody for what would be a misdemeanour in any civilised country;

4. Passport confiscated;

5. Search of the the Days’ premises without being shown legal document permitting that search;

6. Mrs Day, being questioned in her husband’s presence but not being allowed legal representation whilst she is being asked questions to implicate her husband.

Go back to number 5 – during that search by the police, the complainant’s brother was allowed to assist the police and to transport all of the evidence to the police station whereas Mary was kept in the cells overnight so she could not tamper with that same evidence. Forgive me if I find double standards being applied here by the very people tasked to protect us. Innocent until proven guilty, in this country it may well be the other way round.

Indulge me, could it possibly be that the builder is using the court system to blackmail Geoff and Mary into paying him money for work he has not completed; surely not? Could it be that the court system are allowing the builder to get away with this; this can’t be possible? I hope I am wrong – the next time the case goes to court – will the Judge prove me wrong by throwing out this time wasting litigation which has the hallmark of vendetta? If they do not, next time your builder leaves anything within the boundary of your property it seems that if you don’t immediately remove it from your premises then you could be open to prosecution for theft.

You Couldn’t Make It Up – could you?

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