Gary Robb’s barrister, Barry Stewart, died in North Cyprus in 2001

it sounds hopefulI couldn’t help being surprised when Gary Robb’s letter mentioned that his barrister was Barry Stewart and included the phrase, “I will then be able to instruct my Barrister on the correct course of action.”

Well, according to an article in The Northern Echo (28 Sept 2001) he’s dead –

“I want proof barrister is dead, says judge

A JUDGE has called for proof that a top North-East lawyer facing assault charges is dead.

Flamboyant Barry Stewart, formerly Teesside‘s senior criminal barrister, jumped bail earlier this year and moved abroad to a luxury villa in northern Cyprus.

It was reported last month that he had died after developing breast cancer.

But yesterday, District Judge James Prowse, who had already issued a warrant for his arrest, called for legal proof of the death.”

Obviously Gary has changed Barristers, well that is unless Judge James Prowse’s suspicions were well founded!

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