Demand to prevent Pauline Read speaking out about Akfinans Bank

Malcolm our very capable editor has received an e mail of complaint about me and the complainant has requested that my user account be closed. Now, I personally have no objection to this email being published but since it was to the Editor about me, that decision must be taken by the Editor.

The e mail states that I have been illegally using a BANKS name everywhere in the world and writing very nasty things about them. Let me guess, how many banks do I know who that I PERSONALLY would have any cause to write nasty things about; answers on a postcard please.

Would it be the Bank who gave mortgages to the landowner and builder on Kulaksiz 5, after they had been sold to pensioners without their knowledge or consent? Would it be the Bank who charged 80% interest per quarter compound on those mortgages? Would it be the Bank who issued a Public Warning threatening legal action to anyone who talked about their intended vile action? Would it be the Bank who auctioned off these poor pensioners homes on the 6th June 2010?

Would it be the Bank who allowed their Advocate Akan Kursat, accompanied by one of their Manager’s and a locksmith who committed a criminal offence by breaking into MY villa, changing the locks and cutting off the electric and for good measure tried to run over Chris with their motor vehicle?

Would it be the Bank who offered to sell back the homes of the pensioners to them for a ridiculous sum of money and even offered these pensioners a 20 year mortgage?

Would it be the Bank who issued Writs advising of intended legal action for EVICTION?

Would it be the Bank who gave three choices in that Writ, quit your home, buy it back for £110,000 or pay us £600.00 a month rent whilst you wait for us to evict you?

Would it be the Bank who realising their folly, withdrew their case for eviction?

Would this paragon of virtue be AKFINANS BANK LIMITED?

Now, why would I want to write anything nasty about them?

I think, my well meaning email writer, you are perhaps not aware of all these things, because as a fellow human being, how could you condone them? The victims of this injustice have had their human rights walked over, they sought justice in the TRNC and didn’t find it. Reluctantly they have had to leave these shores and seek justice through the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Now you, Mr. email writer you are trying to silence one of the victims. Shame on you.

The only way to silence me will be permanently

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