Yellowstone Park memories on laptop “stolen” by TRNC Police

It was really brought home to me just how much was ‘stolen’ from me when the Police confiscated my lap top back in October of last year. I make no secret of the fact that because I considered myself an innocuous individual, it never dawned on me that I could be of interest to the Police through my writing, that I never backed up my files. The biggest loss to me are all my photos, most especially the ones taken in Yellowstone Park and the areas I visited to get there. My prowess as a photographer is somewhat limited but my friend Daphne helped me out and took some great shots, unless there is a softening of attitudes by the Prosecutor and he returns my laptop, I could never see these again.

I have to say that some of the photos I took of Daphne at Mount Rushmore were a little less centred than they should have been, nonetheless they are memories of a ‘fun’ shared by two lifelong friends and of no use to anyone but us.

We visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield, which to me in particular was very significant. The leaflet called it ‘A Clash of Cultures’ but we all know it was the greed of the settlers wanting more and more land and not content to share it with the indigenous people, not much has changed in attitudes since 1876. Sitting Bull, the venerated Lakota leader doing what was needed to try to survive, Lt. Col George Armstrong Custer, if asked at the time, I am sure would have said he was doing his ‘duty’.

An afternoon spent in ‘Dodge City’ visiting the ‘casinos’ and ‘Boot Hill’ the resting place of so many of our comic book heroes. A trip through the Badlands of South Dakota, so beautiful and yet at first glance so inhospitable but has supported humans for over 11,000 years not least amongst them the Sioux and the Lakota Indians. French fur trappers followed by soldiers, miners, cattle farmers and homesteaders who forever changed the face of The Prairie. Amongst my ‘stolen photos are some wonderful photos of this area and its animals, not least of all the Prairie dog.

The purpose of our trip was to spend four days in Yellowstone Park itself. We travelled 2,700 miles on our round trip. I will tell you about Yellowstone in another blog.

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