Will the democratic system fail Cyprus?

green-lineTwenty years ago the Berlin Wall came down more by mistake than intention. Apparently, confused border guards and East Germans misinterpreted instructions to ease travel between the East and West and with tens of thousands of East Germans clamouring to pass through guards decided to open them up. The German people then decided to knock down the wall and in doing so discovered that no one tried to stop them. As a result of this USSR was on the way to becoming the fragmented Russian Federation and Germany was stuck with millions of poor countrymen to support.

That left Nicosia as the only divided capital in the world and with the current talks set to fail, or at least whatever the two Presidents finally agree on will be voted down, the opposite may well be the fate of Nicosia. Current predictions are that the two state solution is the only option and because Greek Cypriots will not be agreeing to this then the Green Line may well become a border, something which has been strenuously rejected in the south. The Germans fought for a united Germany because on both sides of the border they were all Germans, this is not true in Cyprus. It is as if Greek Cypriots see Turkish Cypriots as unpleasant reminders of the 1571 Ottoman conquest and this mindset sees them desperately seeking “democracy” and its “one man one vote system.” In this way the potential 75% Greek Cypriot majority in any election will ensure the will of that ethnic group will prevail. Power corrupts and if Cyprus had an better record of controlling those in power and those with power then perhaps a better outcome could be predicted. In this context, Turkish Cypriots feel safer in their own state where even then voting could divide them along the lines of Turkish mainland versus Turkish Cypriot.

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