What will I do if I receive my compensation award for my Kulaksiz 5 villa?

It seems like yesterday, the day my Advocate walked out of the courtroom and said ‘it is finished’, to which I replied ‘okay when is the next hearing? ‘ She replied, ‘no it is finished, you have won’. Well, yes I was very happy, after 33 court appearances, who wouldn’t be. I had won, the Judge did not even ask me to prove my case, he took the evidence on face value and decided that yes, Kulaksiz Construction Limited together with Yuksel Yilmaz (landowner) had indeed Breached my Contract of Sale on the seven points my Advocate had itemised. The most damning by far was the mortgage taken out by the defendants, in my case, partly before and partly after I had Contracted to buy and paid for my villa.

The actual date was the 6th November 2009, one year and five months ago. Have I received the £120,000 awarded to me? No. Will I ever receive it? Who knows? According to Akan Kursat, in his article in Kibiris Gazetesi in August 2010, I had received it and was a delusional woman who wanted to keep her villa and the award. Perhaps this was an attempt by him to justify the actions of Akfinans Bank Limited, who on the 30th July 2010 illegally and forcibly repossessed my villa and attempted to run over my life partner. Just for the record Mr. Kursat, I still have not received the court award and in common with Eva Mcluskey no longer have my villa either. We are the two members of the Kulaksiz 5 who at this moment in time have absolutely nothing to show for the money we paid out.

Going back to the Court award. The Judge has ratified the sale of the assets covered by the court memorandum I have in my favour. It is now down to the Tapu to come up with a date to auction off these assets, and hopefully realise the money with which to pay Court award.

Interestingly, Akfinans Bank Limited won their repossession order on the 20th November 2008 and the Auction of our homes took place on the 6th June 2010. Using this time scale as a yardstick, I won my award on the 6th November 2009, then I should logically expect the auction date to be set for late May 2011 or maybe June 2011. It will be interesting to see if fairness and impartiality really applies to a Brit who does not happen to own a Bank.

If by some miracle, I should receive my award, what then? Well of course, I can no longer be part of the joint cases against Akfinans Bank Limited nor part of the ECHR case. Will I still campaign as hard as I do now for Kulaksiz 5? I really do not know. I am 66 years old, I am exhausted, I really need a break. That is a decision I can only make if and when it happens.

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