What do you think of North Cyprus' "new property policy"?

That was a joke question by the way. Turkey’s World Bulletin website, under the headline “Turkish Cyprus’ new property policy will not cause problem: Eroglu”, reports that “the Turkish Cypriot president said on Saturday that their state had a property policy that would not cause any problems in the future.” The short article went on to say, “President Dervis Eroglu of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) said the TRNC state had adopted a property policy that would not cause problems in the future and that would not cause any row between the two nations in Cyprus.”

Well, I’m sad to say that it is causing a problem already. The reason for this is that no one knows what it is. Perhaps the policy is that all property will be returned to the owners as stated on the pre-1974 title deeds? That would cause no problems for those owners although current occupiers would have a problem with that. Or perhaps the new policy is that all current occupiers would be treated as the rightful owners. Those occupiers would have no problem with that although Greek Cypriots would.

Perhaps it’s none of these things, perhaps the announcement is to just leave the property market in further confusion? Perhaps you just couldn’t make it up?


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