Water Tank Saga – part 2

For those of you who may be wondering how we fared with the provision of the ‘new domestic water tank’ here is part two of the story:

After discovering that our erstwhile former builder Halil Ersoy had sunk the original tank below ground without the benefit of a concrete base and a concrete cage and following the recent heavy rains, the lack of the necessary cage was made evident by the ground around it caving in and the tank turning on its side. We took advice from our new builder and decided to have the new one above ground. Since the ‘old’ tank was less than twelve months old, we could have legitimately brought Mr Ersoy back to put right his abortion. We decided that it really would not be worth our while as we had no confidence in his ability to do this.

The new builder first laid a concrete plinth in the chosen position, allowed it to dry for a few days, then the new tank was put on the plinth, the necessary pipework completed and the job of installing a new domestic water tank was complete. After filling the new tank, it worked perfectly so then we could turn our attention to removing the old tank and filling the hole left by it.

The original plan had been to pull the old tank out complete using a JCB. I had then planned to take a photo of it so that you could all see the ‘waist ‘ the tank had developed due to the pressure from the earth surrounding it. This was not to be. On attempting to lift the tank, it became evident that the water below the tank, thanks to lack of the concrete base and cage,, was causing a vacuum and if the JCB driver had continued to try to hoist the tank in one, there was a significant danger of the JCB turning over. The tank had to broken in situ and then pulled out piece by piece.

The hole was filled with topsoil, it will be allowed to dry out and if necessary more soil added. I will plant a palm tree there. I thought about giving the palm tree a name, any suggestions?

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