Vigil day is here – stand up and be counted, and filmed by the TRNC police

Well here we are on the morning of the Vigil. This is a very significant day, a day when we the expatriate victims of Property Injustice have to watch decent Turkish Cypriots and TRNC citizens, some who like us are victims of unscrupulous builders, landowners, unfair practices by the utility providers and so many complex and varied problems caused mainly by greed, carry out the Vigil for all of us. We the observers are truly grateful to those who are able to legitimately show their dissent. We salute you.

Ismet Üstüner will be the figurehead, the leader of the Vigil, and I understand he will be there with his family. Fevzi Hussein who is here on business from London will be there with some friends. Bariş Mamali who wrote so vehemently about the wrong being done in denying me permission to hold the Vigil on 4th October, to coincide with the Protest held in London organised by ABAG, will be there. His argument being that it was unconstitutional to deny permission and that International law should take precedence over local law. A representative from the Human Rights Foundation of the TRNC will be there. The victims of Tutuska will be there with all their families and friends will be there. Many TRNC and Turkish Cypriot citizens from Cyprus 44 will be there. We hope that the limited publicity given us in today’s edition of Kibris Gazetesi will also prompt more Turkish Cypriots to join the Vigil. I have invited the Turkish Ambassador and Mr. Talat but I won’t be holding my breath. I always work on the theory if you do not send the invite, you cannot expect the guest. The eternal optimist.

The observers I know will be aware that we are to be filmed by the police, so please do not take any risks. It is not what we would want, just to observe, since we are mostly victims but it is how it is. That in any other country in the civilised world we would be given basic human right to voice our grievances is a given. However, it has been made abundantly clear we cannot enjoy that freedom. We are all law abiding people, this is our home for as long as some of us will be allowed to keep our homes; we must and will respect the law of the country we have chosen.

In the interest of safety I would urge all observers to carry a torch, many of us are elderly, the pavements can be uneven, when it gets dark if there should be a power cut we would not wish anyone to fall and injure themselves. We do not heal as quickly as we used to.

We all love the TRNC. We all respect the TRNC. We all want JUSTICE.


BARIS ANITI (roundabout) by CENTRAL BANK and Car Park LEFKOSA

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