UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer criticised for saying “Greek Cypriot” instead of “Cyprus”

Greek Cypriots at least agreed on a solution to the Cyprus Problem; criticise UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer. They pointed at Mr Downer, forgetting that three fingers pointed back at them, and blamed him, in effect for the failure of the talks. What had he done you might ask? It seems that when referring to Greek Cypriots taking over the EU presidency he called it the  ‘Greek Cypriot EU Presidency’ instead of the ‘Cyprus EU Presidency’.

“The House of Representatives deems that the lop-sided and damaging statements and actions of the UN Special Adviser diverge from the provisions of the UN Charter and UN Resolutions on Cyprus,” a resolution submitted to Parliament read. “Lop-sided” meaning that he is biased in one direction, I assume. The truth seems to be that the Greek Cypriots side are not happy that Mr Downer is not biased towards them because, of course, they believe there is one and only Cyprus and they run it. They seem to see Turkish Cypriots in the north as having strayed from the fold and that the talks are merely to get them back under the one roof ruled by the majority Greek Cypriot electorate. There myopic view sees no problem with this, 1963-1974 being a non-repeatable aberration I suppose.

This criticism, following the lack of progress at the Greentree talks, has focused almost entirely on Downer’s choice of words which seem to be such an important issue that Mr Downer’s actions “strip [the UN Special Adviser] of credibility and expose him as well as the UN Secretary General, but more importantly they hamper the entire process of talks aimed at solving the Cyprus problem.”

According to Parliament using the words “Greek Cypriot” instead of “Cyprus” undermine the Republic of Cyprus as a state and “are clearly outside his mandate, which is to assist the parties in the conducting of fully-fledged negotiations.”

Unfortunately the debate by the Greek Cypriots, like the comments that will follow this article, degenerated to those of enraged football fans at an APOEL match:

European Party leader Demetris Syllouris suggested that “diplomats like Alexander Downer should be treated like enemies of Cyprus.”

Greens deputy George Perdikis exclaimed: “Mr. Downer, go home. You are incompetent and dangerous!”

And independent MP Zacharias Koulias said of Downer: “He operates as if he is an extension of the occupation and an ambassador for the Turks.”

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