Turkish Cypriots submit property proposal to break deadlock in talks

Turkish Cypriot President, Dervis Eroglu, on 6th September submitted property proposals intended to break the deadlock on the issue. The plans would turn Cyprus into a massive construction site, the largest urban development in the world, which would generate the money necessary to support a solution. This plan is in response to the Greek Cypriot insistence that the difference in property values would mean that land could not be exchanged in a ration of 1:1. The Turkish Cypriot’s cunning plan assumes that these huge development on Turkish Cypriot land in the south would make it equal in value to the Greek Cypriot land in the north.

The land would be administered by a property commission, similar to the one in the north. The Property Development Corporation (PDC) would be staffed by Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The PDC, like the IPC, would have the power and funds to compensate, reinstate or relocate refugees. The Turkish Cypriot side claims “to be in possession of nearly all Turkish Cypriot title deeds south of the buffer zone.”  This was made possible when the TRNC was founded and Turkish Cypriots in the north were offered Greek Cypriot property in exchange for their title deeds for property in the south.

It is also reported that Greek Cypriots will be allowed to immediately return to empty properties in the north but that the number “will not exceed 15 per cent of the Turkish population there. Another controversial element of the plan is that the title deeds of Varosha will also be included.

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