Turkish and Greek Cypriots stand against a common enemy

On Sunday, Turkish and Greek Cypriots united against a common foe; British troops. Together they marched on the British radar station on top of  Mount Olympus demanding the removal of the radar station.

Apparently this is an an annual march arranged by left-wing political parties throughout the island and aims to rebuild relations between the two communities by redirecting their anger away from each other.

Left wing AKEL party Secretary-General Andros Kyprianou said “the presence of over 3,000 youths to the annual gathering was an expression of their common desire for peaceful co-existence in a re-unified island. It is a message that there is no room for occupation armies, division and foreign military bases.”

Looking at the state of the British economy I wouldn’t be surprised if building plots on the sovereign base area will start to appear in local estate agents just after the general election in the UK. Or perhaps it will be sold to the Russians in order to pay off the national debt. Whatever happens, next year I reckon there will be more British tax-payers on the march than Cypriots.

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