TRNC newspapers refuse Boysan Boyra Law Firm statement advert

The majority of the Newspapers in the TRNC are steadfastly refusing to print the amazing Statement made by Boysan Bora and even refusing to accept it as a paid for Advertisement.  The threat to use the Banking laws against these Newspapers have sent them all running for cover.

Can you imagine in the 21st century such  ‘Bully Boy’ tactics being used anywhere else in the Civilised World?  Let us look at what the Constitution has to say on this subject

Article 24

(1)  Every person has the right to freedom of thought or opinion.  No. person shall be compelled to disclose his thoughts and opinion.  There is no offence in thought.

(2)  Every person has the right to express and PUBLISH his thoughts and opinion by himself or collectively, by word of mouth, in writing, through pictures or other media

Article 26

(1)  The press and publications are free for all citizens and shall not be subjected to censorship.

(2)  The state shall take the necessary measures to ensure the freedom of the press and of receiving information.

Obviously there is a caveat allegedly in the TRNC; namely, if Akfinans Bank allows it. It is now very obvious to me that Akfinans have power others can only dream of. They seem to rule by fear.  Well Akfinans let me tell you I have two weapons in my armoury so I have no fear of you. No.1 is the truth and No. 2. is my faith in God. Do not underestimate either. Tell the truth and shame the devil, well I’ll let you guess which role I cast you in. God will protect me from you, and vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Love the sinner, hate the sin, you however make that particularly difficult.  As a Christian I do not hate you and I will leave it to God to punish you.

Ertul Kader, you know I am a ‘religious lady.’  I remember our telephone conversation when you told me you were a good Moslem and you would not lie to me. In my opinion that was lie number one.  Nothing you have done since has convinced me I am wrong.

Now folks, let me tell you about the developments in Democrasi Sokak, soon to be renamed Demon-crazy Sokak.  These paragons of virtue who have done no wrong and have absolutely nothing to hide are turning my villa into a fortress. At the last count they were installing 5, yes I will say it again FIVE close circuit television cameras.  I personally am quite convinced that a member or close relative of the Kader family will move into my villa. The villa they came at night to break into, change the locks and to isolate the electricity and switch it off.  Two separate legal opinions agreed it was a Criminal offence but since it was Akfinans the police investigation I instigated somehow disappeared and the Police never reported back to me.

You all read of the over reaction by the Police on Sunday, but what you do not know is the guerrilla tactics also used by the Police late on Sunday night and early Monday morning when police pounced again on the beleaguered elderly pensioners at Demon-crazy Sokak.  After our 3 hour ordeal at the Police Station on Sunday, as Ipek and I were leaving, one of the policemen said they may come that night to look at our camera.

Instead, they went to Bob French’s house and then again at 7.30 a.m. the following morning, as well as looking at Bob’s camera they also wanted a copy of the photo page of his passport. They also went and woke up another resident too. This is extreme police harassment and it does not take a genius to know where it emanates from and why it is being carried out.

Does Akfinans Bank really believe any good will come from their actions?  Do they really believe that anyone, other than themselves, is bringing the Banking Industry into disrepute.  Do they really believe such strong arm tactics will somehow make the ‘wrong they have done to us’ right. They may succeed in fooling themselves but they will never fool good people and much more importantly, they will never fool God.

If a member of the Kader family do move into my villa, do they really ever expect to be happy there? Not because anyone would interfere in their life or their well-being but, I believe, simply because of Karma.

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