Talat Kursat Law website drops claim they still hold ISO9001 certification

Well, well, well, I logged onto www.talatkursat.com this morning and was shocked. They have actually changed the ISO9001 claim and now say they were holders of this prestigious certification from 2006 to 2009, and guess what folks, that is ALMOST the truth. I referred back to my e-mail from [email protected] and I quote “Please be advised that Talat Kursat were certified by NQA Jan 29,2006 with number 21264. Talat Kursat were deregistered by NQA on Jan 10, 2008. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we will again take steps to cease their use of our logo.”

By any stretch of the imagination, Jan 10 2008 is not even close to 2009 and Mo. I have to tell you they are still displaying your logo. I have also to say, I think this is the best Mo will ever achieve with this. The wording now says “We are the one and only legal office in North Cyprus with ISO 9001 certification which granted us from 2006 to 2009.”  Well, if they think that makes the actual displaying of the certificate after being deregistered okay, far be it from me to question their ethics. I personally prefer my legal adviser to be honest in all things, but that is just me and what do I know?

Are they now members of RoC Bar and the English Bar, well they say they are on their website, perhaps they are now, tell you what, I will recheck, as we all know they were not the last time I checked, but let’s be fair and give them the benefit of the doubt, I will of course dear readers, let you know the outcome of pollymarples’s sleuthing. I bet you cannot wait.

So why am I visiting the subject of Akan Kursat again? As you all know Akan Kursat is the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited and as we all know, another villa was seized on Saturday afternoon by the Bank who ‘popped’ a window and allegedly a member of the bank, crawled through and opened the door for the locksmith. On this occasion the police allowed the neighbours to change the locks back. It is alleged that Akan Kursat is now making outrageous claims against the owner in order for the police to allow the Bank to take possession of this house. Surely this is not for the police to decide, this is for the courts to decide.

I will share with you a paragraph from an email I received from a very learned man, although out of respect for him, I will not divulge his identity.

‘”Mandamus” arises as a Common Law matter and is asked for or applied as the merits of the case demands. The home of a person is invoilable. No one has the right to break-and-enter someone’s home without a court order – and even then, certainly not secretly and not while the owner is not present.”

Out of interest Akfinans Bank, if you had a court order, I would have surrendered my keys to the court. Are you still unsure of your actions against me, is that why you have someone standing guard at my villa?

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