Suspicious goings on at Cyprus44 Forum?

Some emails came my way which left me wondering about the moderation policy at Cyprus44 forum. This forum is an extremely important vehicle for communication between people who support the TRNC and it is therefore intolerant of those who attack the TRNC. I personally have no problem with a forum deciding to delete the rantings of Greek Cypriots who attack individuals, and sometimes wish that Malcolm would do the same some for the more nasty comments on NCFP.

However, having read some of the email communications sent to me I’m beginning to wonder if one particular Cyprus44 moderator might be trying to take over that forum and apply his own policies whilst trying to keep them from public scrutiny. Again, if Izzet, the owner of the forum is aware of these activities, which I’ll describe below, and supports them then I’ll understand that decision and decline to use the forum because I disagree with him.

It apparently started when “gwhiz” reported on Cyprus44 activities at the Kulaksiz 5 site which suggested that the pensioners there might finally be evicted. As “gwhiz” was a new poster Moderator “AJ” decided to email “pollymarples” the thread instigator, Pauline Read in fact, to confirm the rumour. “AJ” states in one of the emails, and on the forum, that he copied and pasted  her email address with as a domain name and unsurprisingly it bounced back. To be fair there is a possibility that someone had registered a domain and used it for emails.

So far, “AJ”’s actions cannot be faulted, unfortunately his lack of knowledge of the system did not alert him to the fact that because, once a member registers an email address they cannot change it, and if the email address is invalid they cannot verify their membership, Pauline was not at fault. Either the forum software has problems or else someone with rights to member’s profiles higher than a Moderator has changed it after Pauline’s correct email address was verified.

“AJ” then, in hindsight a poor decision in my opinion, took two actions which penalised Pauline for Cyprus44’s error. He banned her and told her to fulfil the impossible task of changing her profile. This caused great confusion until Moderator “Elko” discovered the error and registered her with a new profile. End of story? Well it would have been if this email from Moderator “AJ” hadn’t been forwarded to me, shedding a totally different light on his actions:

“’Hi Pauline

I think we need to sort a few things out.

First of all Cyprus44 is not your board and it has other functions to fulfill than providing you with a soapbox. I am well aware of yours and others problems with the TRNC. You have been allowed a voice on 44 and that voice should be restricted to one thread. I am quite happy for you to control it but anything outside of your thread will be deleted without explanation. So you control it or it will be controlled for you.

If you have any problems with this then please talk to me.


Dave (AJ) “

The reason I personally believe this is exceeding “AJ”‘s authority is that when we take a quick look at the board front page this morning we find several members violating this new “rule”, e.g. “sagsy” and “chrism”, which leads me to believe this is a personal vendetta based upon “AJ”‘s beliefs about what Pauline Read is trying to achieve, and about her outspoken criticism of the current TRNC government for allowing pensioners to be evicted from their homes without lifting a finger. I personally believe this is not doing the TRNC any favours.

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