So what did the Property Justice Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil achieve?

For those who were not aware of it, yesterday about 40 people attended a Vigil to bring attention to property injustice in the TRNC. There were about 20 ex-pats and 20 Turkish Cypriots there along with assorted representatives from the press. The Turkish Cypriot press response was good but the English speaking press in the north was only represented by North Cyprus Free Press. Simon Bahceli, who writes for the South’s Cyprus Mail, posted the story on Reuters which could mean international recognition of the event.

The message given by the leader of the event, Ismet Üstüner, was that the Government needs to attend to the problem of property injustice and that “justice is so difficult to find that you have to search for it with a candle.” The picture of a small child, the daughter of one of the Turkish Cypriot property victims, holding a candle and searching for justice for her generation, is symbolic in that she should not be held responsible for the inaction of the current Government driving away much needed investment for the future.

The Vigil is not so much about what we Brits want, it’s about what the TRNC needs to do in order to show the world that they are not going to continue ignoring the injustice they are allowing “on their watch.” Perhaps they cannot be blamed for the past, perhaps they may have been unaware of the English language pleas for justice, but surely now it should be in their face, in their own language, from their own people and so impossible to ignore.

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