Shocking statement by Lord Ken

lord-kenLord Ken Maginnis of Drumglass took part in the Dispatches programme on ADA TV where Cyprus Star reports him as saying:

“I am not ashamed to be British, but I am ashamed to see that my Government has not fulfilled its’ promises towards the Turkish Cypriots… some British Parliamentarians have been bought out or bribed. They are not aware of the historic developments of Cyprus. They only hear one side of the story and are not aware of the atrocities committed against the Turkish Cypriots prior to the Turkish Peace operation in 1974”

On the Orams Case: “The actions of Justice Skouris were very deliberate. He took his vested interest in the case. What has happened is too much of a coincidence. He had quiet little trips to South Cyprus to take instructions. I wonder how many of the judges he brought with him? He brought the case forward by three months in case his retirement date elapsed during the case…”

These are stunning accusations which one would expect people such as Justice Skouris to respond to if not true, but Lord Ken is quoted as saying he hopes he does “so that the truth can come out.” The full story can be found HERE.

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