Respect has to be earned

The definition of “respect” in my dictionary is ” to feel or show deferential regard for esteem,” but to feel respect for anyone or anything one must first be aware that the person or thing deserves respect.

We first went to the TRNC in 2002, after previously spending many years including my honeymoon 42 years ago in the South of the Island, mainly staying in what was then a tiny village called Pissouri. In 2002 we decided to try the North, and we fell in love with the mountains, sea, scenery and the people, we came home our children had grown up and were producing children of their own, so we decided to go back in 2003 to look for a small property that we could spend some of our retirement. Unfortunately for us, we chose Unwins Estate Agents and a Gary Robb house. Looking back it was a very slick operation, nice brochures, nice show house, clever advertising, yes we definitely were very naive, we went like lambs to the slaughter! As did so many others!

The rest is history, except some of the victims will not just walk away and forget what was done to us as many would like us to do! I first of all wanted to know why the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had renewed Robb’s passport, and why the TRNC Government had given him a Kimlik card; both knowing he was a wanted criminal on the run! Why Lawyers had knowingly double sold properties whilst acting for both parties sickened me, and as time went on why judgements were not enforced, and why some of the money Aga victims sent over was allegedly paid into Government Ministers’ Bank Accounts, according to accusations made in the north’s Cyprus Times newspaper, now defunct.

I tried to get answers from TRNC Government Ministers, whom I treated with the utmost respect. I used more money travelling to London to meet with them, all were very sympathetic, and all promised help, walked away and shut the door in my face!

When I see what has happened to Pauline Read and many others regarding Mortgages on the land, and see the stress Geoff & Mary Day are under, I think in some ways I am very lucky. I have my home here, I can still work, and I have reasonably good health. The downside is I have lost the only man I have ever loved, the money we had worked for all our lives, and any kind of decent retirement!

As regards the TRNC Government, Authorities, Police Force, Estate Agents, Lawyers and Judicial System, unfortunately because of this I don’t any more feel I can  show them any regard or esteem or any of the respect I originally had for any of them especially when they slammed the door as each of them did, and hid behind their brick walls!

Like Pauline and Mary, I am not a spy, drug dealer, thief or murderer, nor have I ever broken the law, been in prison, or been in any other courtroom apart from the one in the North East of England as a spectator seeing some kind of justice done to Gary Robb, which came from the UK Authorities!

The only time I will step foot inside the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus again is when Amaranta Valley is Auctioned. I need to physically feel some kind of closure, and to see for myself just how cruel this Government can be to victims who have fought so hard for justice!

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