Presidential Elections in the TRNC

Today is decision day for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. It’s a two horse race between the current president, Mehmet Ali Talat, and prime minister, Dervis Eroğlu. Mr Talat favours reunification and closer ties with Europe while Mr Eroglu is a nationalist who supports a two-state solution.

The expectation is that Mr Eroğlu will win and the current Cyprus Talks, after 18 months of showing little or no results, will reach a deadlock. If this were to happen then, because the international community do not accept  Eroğlu’s two state solution, Turkey’s entry into the European Union would become complicated. But if Talat were to win there seems to be little hope that Cypriots would vote for any proposals put to them as a result of the current negotiations.

If you are interested in watching the election results as they come in, they are being published on the TRNC government website:

TRNC Election results

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