Palestine vote at UN General Assembly 23rd September 2011

Palestine will be asking the UN General Assembly to accept it as a member on Friday and are not listening to President Obama or Israel’s attempts to persuade them to do otherwise. The arguments against this approach is that if they become members, endorsed by the vast majority of the UN members, then Palestine and these supporting members are wrong to do so. Worse than this, Obama supported a Palestine State a year ago and had difficulty putting up a convincing argument why even he was wrong.


Anyway, this article is about a side issue; energy. As you probably know, Noble Energy have have started drilling off south Cyprus and Turkey are sending three of their warships in that direction, as part of already agreed manoeuvres in the area. This is at a time when Turkey seems to be inferring that the agreement between Israel and the south are part of a wider plan by Israel to secure energy supplies in an insecure region.

The map above shows what Israel does when it comes to securing these energy needs. The map shows major offshore natural gas reserves “discovered near the State of Israel.” The point is that the reserve was actually just off Palestine’s Gaza Strip. This is the Palestine which tomorrow has decided to assert itself, supported by countries such as Turkey.

Who can blame Turkey then for seeing the Noble Energy move as being similar to the move against Palestine’s energy supplies. Admittedly the rest of the world does not see North Cyprus as having any say in this recent drilling so perhaps Turkey’s support for other countries, whose territory has the potential to be violated, is a way of saying that if they can’t use the TRNC card then they’ll find another way of upsetting south Cyprus.

When Palestine become a member tomorrow they will most likely pursue Israel in the same way that others have pursued Turkey for there territorial ambitions. However, as ever, politics is not about justice, but is about whose gang is the most powerful. I wonder if Palestine’s new found friends have the stomach for the fight that inevitably will ensue?

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