North Cyprus News Update | a Rose by Any Other Name – is it TRNC, TSNC or TRC?

According to the online newspaper TREND:

“the Government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is considering the issues of a new constitution and change of name of the republic in 2012, President Dervis Eroglu said on Monday, the newspaper Sabah said. Mr Eroglu said the republic can be renamed the Turkish State of Northern Cyprus, or the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.”

I find myself asking, why? The first clue seems to be in the change of constitution. Looks like someone doesn’t like some of the contents of Rauf Denktaş’s old constitution, I wonder what that might be? Perhaps it’s just words, e.g. the place being a state akin to the Palestine State and all that entails. Or perhaps people living in the East and West of Cyprus are feeling excluded? Or perhaps it’s just the need to rename the North Cyprus Airline? Still leaves me feeling there are much more important issues needing attending to in 2012.


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