North Cyprus: Cowboys and Indians



Today I am going to tell you a little story.   Lets call it a cowboy and indian story, but let’s dispense with the indians and make the cowboys the ‘baddies’.

There was once a band of British people who decided to head for the a better life.  A little like the early settlers in America who headed west.   This band of hopefuls headed toward the Mediterranean and a little island called Cyprus.   Now they knew the south of the island was pretty well populated but they had heard stories of an unspoilt part of the island called the north.   They tried to put down roots as all settlers do but had not reckoned on the sort of people they would encounter.

The settlers bought their homes but before they could unpack, their wagons they were surrounded by  cowboys.   The settlers, known as K5 and ABAG, found themselves circled by the cowboys. let me describe this incestuous circle of cowboys that surrounded them, cutting off any means of escape.

At the start of of circle was the Finance Minister whose notoriety has been much published in connection with the Asil Nadir trial, the Mr Nadir, who introduced the K5 to an Advocate Mr. Mert Guclu, who just happened to be (or was) the Director/Secretary of Aga Development Limited and a colleague of Akan Kursat a shareholder and legal adviser of Aga Development Limited who just happened to be the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited and to complete the circle the Finance Minister again who just happened to have been a Director of Akfinans Bank Limited.   Incestuous does not even begin to describe it.

So what happened to the beleaguered settlers trapped in this incestuous circle.  Well the K5 still have many battles to fight and the final one will be in Strasbourg at the European Court of Human Rights.    The victims of Gary Robb’s Aga Development Limited, well to date some are going the ECHR route, some are going through the Court in Washington, at the Karmi/Robb victims are fighting here to stop a further auction.  An Auction that the Government insist must go ahead because Mr Robb owes them unpaid taxes.   So the victims having been victimised once are about to be victimised again by those they should expect help from?   The very ones who allowed the scam to happen initially by giving a ‘wanted’ man Citizenship and thus legitimising every action he took.


You have to marvel how all the same names appear and re appear wherever a dastardly deed take place.


Power to the people


Citizen Smith

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