New evidence points to origin of Papadopoulos corpse thief?

An article in the Greek Cypriots daily newspaper Phileleftheros reported that tests have proved that the gypsum used to cover the thieves tracks came from the Five Finger mountains in the north. Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos responded quickly to dispute these allegations, saying that test results had not yet been received from the Geological Survey Department.  He explained that interim results had been received but that:

“from these… there emerges no basis for a clear standpoint concerning the origin of the gypsum.”

Even if the gypsum did originate from the north, because of trade between the two sides, gypsum from quarries in the north can be bought in the south. It is unsure why the newspaper made these allegations but unfortunately some of their readers might have been left with the impression that forensic evidence pointed to Turks or Turkish Cypriots being implicated.

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