New European Arrest Warrants for “property crimes” are turning out to be a hoax

Rumours concerning 13 new European Arrest Warrants (EAW) are turning out to be a hoax. The wanted list allegedly included Aziz Kent, Huseyin Caginer, Mark Unwin, Turham Beydagli, Michele Hunt, Terence Wilkins, Ian Smith and Linda and David Orams. It now appears that no such warrants exist. South Cyprus police press officer Lefki Solomondos said that there were currently only three outstanding arrest warrants – issued in 2006 for “unlawful use of property registered to another person.” These were for Kutsal Tokatlioglu, Tahir Roycan and Akan Talat Kursat.

According to the Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris, published statements by London based lawyers alleged that the government’s efforts to issue EAWs against residents in Greek Cypriot properties are contrary to the laws of the European Union. They claim that crimes regarding property are not included in the 25 criteria required for extradition. Yet, despite this, Gary Robb has been extradited for these crimes.


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