My Year – part 3

Before I continue with my tale, it has been brought to my attention that my former friend the Surveyor is annoyed that I might have implied that he received commission on the sale of the property to me. I have never suggested this and to my knowledge neither he nor the Builder received commission on the Sale. I did check with the vendor and he confirms he paid no commission to anyone. I consider being asked repeatedly to pay £2000 deposit to the vendor, or I could risk loosing the property, a form of pressure. I did point out at the time that if I lost it because of my refusal to put a deposit on it, then it was not meant to be.

It has also been suggested that the builder was not paid for the extras he did. This is not true; the only money outstanding to the builder was the final payment of £4,500 of the £54,000 I contracted to pay. The additional work, i.e. grey water tank supplied and buried (£900) was paid as soon as the tank arrived, the £90 for the travertine window sills was paid when they were fitted, the extra £100 for the dark blue tiles was paid the time they were delivered. Interestingly, it did cost me £11,470 to get the property finished and without the post and wire on the original contract. The additional cost due to the new builder fitting the inspection chambers according to the plans and other work. I have bank receipts for all the transfers I made to the original builders account on or around the 21st of each month

June 2010

As you probably guessed, the Government Inspector never materialised. I did get a friend, at no cost to me, who was suitably qualified to liaise with the original builder but despite his best efforts, the situation continued to go down hill and on the 21st of July 2010 I reluctantly had to ‘sack’ the builder (3 days) before the grace period on the Contract and virtually no more work done since he had walked out on the job.

My new builder insisted I tell the old one in writing that he was taking over, which I did. This new builder liaised with us, fully understood need for inspection chambers, and worked exactly to his quote. His men were competent and worked from the moment they arrived on site until the time they left with only short breaks in between. I needed no-one to supervise the work because the builder came on site morning and evening and discussed the progress with us. The house was finished within the time period stated and I am very satisfied with the standard of workmanship.

You will all remember June being the month of the auction. Some of you might know that the day before the auction I appeared on GAK TV and made a plea both to the President and the owners of Akfinans Bank Limited stop the Auction. What many of you may not know is that the owner of GAK TV, The Finance Minister, got cold feet about my proposed appearance and pulled the plug on it. Intervention by a good friend and ally of K5 managed to get him to reverse his decision, so at 8.30 on the night of the appearance, thinking that it had been cancelled, I received a telephone telling me to get myself to the GAK STUDIOS in Lefkoşa by 9.30 p.m. It took some doing but I arrived there at 9.45 pm with our friend from London on the phone giving directions to the studios

On the 6th June, the auction went ahead, Mr. Denktaş graced us with his presence but when he left, and is common knowledge the Bank bought Kulaksiz 5. Since the sale, all sorts of publicity have been given to the situation, huge publicity campaigns promised, committees formed, but to date nothing has been achieved.

Also in June I had my 65th birthday, being so close to the auction, I was in no mood to celebrate but a fantastic overnight visit by ‘Ollie’ the owl (I wrote about it) lifted my spirits.

I also visited my childhood friend in Chicago, from where we travelled to Yellowstone Park for the trip of a lifetime. Having to shelter under a road bridge during a typhoon like storm was very exciting too, although I would not care to repeat it.

July brought meetings with Akfinans and the infamous, break in at our villas in Karşiyaka when the locks were changed (illegally), electricity turned off and an attempt made to run Chris over. All of which were subsequently found ‘not to have happened by the police’ despite there being a witness. Go figure.

During June, July and August, the newspapers gave tremendous support to K5 and I know I personally am very grateful.

June 13th brought the Tutuska auction where thankfully no bids were received. Despite a promise by the builder to pay the mortgage, he did not, so the residents of Baris apartments still live in fear of loosing their homes.

To be continued from September onwards.

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