Message for Jack, you’re not alright

An interesting conversation between a Beledeysi employee and an ex-patriate was related to me this week. The guy from the Beledeysi asked the ex-patriate why so many British ex-pats were leaving North Cyprus. I am assured this was a genuine question. My reaction was, have they suddenly started to notice?

Now why could it possibly be. Well, clearly some would have left after a while anyway. I suspect that the vast majority are just plain sick to the teeth of being the ‘cash cow’ and being ripped off every which way. Could it be that having been ‘robbed ‘ of their life’s savings having paid for a house that was never built, never completed or never existed they simply cannot afford to stay here any longer? Could it be the banks are about to auction off their homes and they just cannot bear to watch all they have worked for be ‘stolen’ from them? I know that K5 are hanging on by the skin of their teeth, not one of them can afford the rent of £600 per month being demanded of them for the privilege of staying in their homes until they are evicted. The government appear not to care about the 80% compound quarterly interest charged by Akfinans Bank Limited, the courts rubber stamped it when the repossession order was given in November 2008. In a few weeks the Boyut scandal will be headline news.

More worrying for all here should be, why would anyone want to buy with all this history of fraud and corruption? How could anyone trust in a country that allowed it to happen and then do nothing to put it right?

Recently I have been reading comments from some ex-pats, obviously with no problems, advising those with problems to keep quiet, to accept what has happened and move on. Are they beginning to realise that far from being unaffected, the value of their properties/investments are also dropping. I read that a large estate agency is ‘knocking’ millions off the price of properties they have on their books Well welcome to the real world, the world where we all have problems and if those most severely affected ‘rock’ the boats of the I’m alright Jacks, then so be it. So Jack, instead of trying to ‘suck up’ to the government, put some pressure on it, if only to protect your own interests. I truly believe that is all that will ever motivate you.

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