Lord Maginnis – don’t ask TRNC Foreign Minister about Kulaksiz 5 in House of Lords

So, Foreign Minister Ozgurgun of the TRNC addressed the House of Lords without being asked the difficult questions. Lord Maginnis asked that the meeting not be disrupted with questions about Kulaksiz 5. Allegedly citing sub judice, as the case was still being heard in court, and that the matter must not be mentioned so that Her Majesty’s Government’s views are neither involved or misrepresented or seen to effect the judicial process.

Now forgive me if I am being a little slow here. I find it bizarre to suggest that Turkish Cypriots asking a Foreign Minister of the TRNC searching questions about British ex-pat pensioners being maltreated in their country could compromise Her Majesty’s Government. The TRNC is not recognised by Her Majesty’s Government so how it could fall foul of their sub judice laws in a case that is being reported in the Republic of Cyprus, Turkey, Britain (last year) and on the internet by an internet newspaper read in over 150 states and countries, beats me.

I am sure the questions would not have fallen foul of any sub judice rules; it is a Civil case and all the facts are already in the public domain. Akfinans Bank seem not to be worrying about sub judice laws as they are not awaiting the outcome of the cases before proceeding to repossess villas bought legally.  They appear to be doing this without any Court sanctions and so Kulaksiz 5 sub judice actions seem not to bother any Government Official in the TRNC so why should such actions in the UK bother them?

Heaven forbid that the plight of hundreds of elderly, frail European pensioners, Turkish and Turkish Cypriot citizens in the TRNC should even be considered by me as anywhere near as important as not making Foreign Minister Ozgurgun feel embarrassed, even for a very short while. I really must have my priorities wrong. Do forgive me I don’t know how I managed to get my priorities so mixed up. I’ll remember this when the K5 pensioners, along with all their worldly goods, are thrown onto the streets. I’ll remember that the first opportunity to publicly expose the current TRNC’s government’s ineptitude was missed in an attempt to spare their feelings and because of it ex-pat pensioners were left homeless.

This just enforces my belief that Justice for the Kulaksiz 5 will only be found in Strasbourg through the ECHR.

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