London Turkish Radio Show – Fevzi and Canan Drivetime

I was asked, at fairly short notice to talk to Fevzi on his London Turkish radio show tonight.  I updated Fevzi and his listeners on the current situation, the further illegal repossession of the McCluskey villa at Kulaksiz 5, the serving of a Writ on my former neighbours Bob and Jan French, the threat of arrest of Richard Barclay and David Wilson for taking photos of the Akfinan’s personnel breaking into Mrs. McCluskey’s villa and the High Court Hearing today.

Fevzi had invited Akfinans Bank Limited to call in and take part in the programme in the interest of balanced reporting on several occasions before and during the debate but as you probably have guessed, they did not respond. Fevzi also asked the TRNC Representative in London to comment on the situation concerning the Kulaksiz 5 , again no comment was received.

The whole problem of the Property Market is to be brought up with the TRNC Foreign Minister when he visits London in April. The Foreign Minister is scheduled to address the House of Lords during his visit.

Towards the end of the debate Ipek Ozerim, columnist for Cyprus Today, PR Consultant and founder member of Embargoed! phoned into the programme. Ipek has been a good friend and staunch supporter of the Kulaksiz 5. She voiced her concern at the level of corruption at all levels of Government, the Police and the Legal System. She feels that Kulasksiz 5 have received many promises of help from senior people only to find those promises not honoured. She now feels that perhaps the only way forward is to mount a negative campaign against the system that is so letting down purchasers, mostly foreign but also Turkish Cypriots. From the emotion in her voice, you could just tell she did not enjoy saying these very hard truths. Ipek has campaigned hard for recognition of the TRNC and its rights, so for her, a loyal Turkish Cypriot, to speak such words must have broken her heart.

We as a group have not been idle and have made representations to try to get some of the publicity that up until now we have avoided. It would seem that Akfinans Bank Limited are prepared to sink to any level to obtain their goal – our properties. Since our properties represent, in most cases, all we own and will leave the majority of us penniless, we may have to go down a route that up until now, we just did not want to go.

All we really want is peace and quiet to live out the rest of our days the way we had envisaged. Akfinans Bank Limited are determined not to let us do that and so perhaps it is time to mount a counter attack?

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