Letting every one know – there will be no 2 minute silence for Kulaksiz 5

You all know of the two minutes silence we had planned to commemorate the first anniversary when the allegedly unspeakable bank did the unthinkable to Kulaksiz 5. The plan had been for those of you who happened to be in the area of Karşiyaka, near the coffee shop, might like to join us in a mark of respect for K5 and a token of disgust toward the bank by observing two minutes of silence.

Clearly now that the next Court appearance for the Kulaksiz 5 is the same date, there will be no possibility of this silence going ahead. Am I explaining this slowly enough for you Akfinans Bank and it’s legal representative?

There…..will………..be……………..no………..two………minutes silence at Karşiyaka Square, the scene of the Auction when Akfinans Bank Limited paid the sum of 2,077,000 TL to the Tapu and then received a very similar amount from the Tapu at some point, in payment for their alleged loss. As both buyer and seller that’s the way it works. The loss they incurred was from giving a mortgage to Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz in November 2005, a second mortgage I might add using our homes as security; homes and land they no longer owned.

The first mortgage had been given some 8 months before the second mortgage and although they had paid not one kuruş back on the first mortgage. This diligent Bank went ahead and advanced more money to these already proven bad risks. To compound (pun intended) this very questionable business decision, the Bank allegedly applied an interest rate greater than the 80% per quarter compound interest rate that appears on the Court Order for repossession. The rate of 80% per quarter compound is allegedly the reduced rate ordered by the Court in November 2008.

The Bank are in a heads they win, tails they win situation because for the outlay of the original loan(s) estimated to be 104,000 TL, which at today’s rate of exchange is approximately £42 000, they now claim to own the whole site known as Kulaksiz 5 with an estimated value of £1,350,000, i.e. 10 bungalow-type villas, and 3 two-story houses. How can that be legal, how can that be allowed, how can that be right?

The next Court Hearing is 6th June at Girne District Court at 10.30 a.m. This will be particularly poignant for the Petitioners as the date coincides with the 1st Anniversary of the sale of our villas. If you happen to come along to support us at this hearing and, at about noon, you as an individual feel the need to say a quiet prayer for us, then I am sure both you and Kulaksiz 5 will feel comforted by it.

This morning I had a phone call again from the policeman who was supposed to be at the court on Thursday. Apparently he could not be there, but I am sure others were. Now this policeman is a very nice, extremely courteous member of the Police Force and the purpose of his phone call was to make me aware that had we been planning a two minutes silence at Karşiyaka Square on the 6th June, we would, as foreigners, have needed permission. Well, young man, since we are no longer planning to meet as friends for a coffee and a moment or two of quiet contemplation, no permission will be needed.

As many of you are aware, I have always questioned the interpretation of the law that says foreigners do not have the right of peaceful assembly in the TRNC. The Constitution, whilst not actually giving us that right, does not in fact prohibit it either. To go one step further, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 20-1) adopted on the 10th December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations states that everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. To deny that right would be, if it happened, a violation of a most basic human right which people throughout the Middle East are laying down their lives for.

Never give up, never give in.

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