Kulaksiz 5 – same old story

I really must thank all those who choose to use my age to insult me. Yes, I do thank them because it makes me even prouder of the fact that contrary to medical opinion I have made it into my 66th year. My longevity was impaired by a very serious bout of pericarditis back in the early 1990s, my lung collapsed and I had pleurisy and septicaemia. I was on a 3000 mg. a day cocktail of antibiotics for six weeks and I truly believed I would die at that time. Well I didn’t, so why am I telling you about this? Probably because all those who would use my age as a weapon against me, calling me an ‘old bat’, ‘a bitter and twisted old woman’, ‘a vindictive old hag’ and many many more insults containing the word ‘old’; I say to these people, “stop wasting your time, the word old is a badge of honour to me, so your using it is really a waste of time”. I smile every time I hear it because, if they are blessed, one day they will be old too.

I have also had comments like, ‘people said you were nice before all this happened to you’, now I know that is untrue, I have never been nice.

Recently I was told that a person had received seven emails about my mental state from friends of mine, some even saying I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown – now I know that is untrue, simply because I do not have seven friends here. Oh and the fact that I am well and on no medication.

My campaign to try to save our homes at Kulaksiz 5 will continue. The fact that Akfinans Bank illegally repossessed my home and are now on the brink of disposing of it, will not stop me. I did win my Breach of Contract and the situation as far as that is concerned is that the Judge sanctioned the sale of the assets with the Court Memorandums on and we are awating the date of that sale which will be conducted by the Land Registry (Tapu). I am mindful that this is not a guarantee, since the property market has gone through the floor and anything selling at the present is a fluke and not the norm. It was for this reason, and because I support my neighbours, that I joined them in the legal action both here and at the European Court of Human Rights.

I also refuse to stay silent on the plight of all the other victims of the Property Market here, whether it be the 1400 others in the Mortgage/Auction queue or the victims of poor build, no build, no Permission to Purchase, no Kocans, no Electricity or on Builders’ tariff, no Water and every combination of all that I have mentioned.

It has often been used as an excuse that this is also happening in other countries. Maybe it is, it most certainly is just over the crossing, but that is all it is, an excuse and not a reason. The reason is greed. If someone runs riot with a gun here and kills 50 people, does the fact that the same happened elsewhere excuse it, no of course not. To use the analogy of it happening elsewhere is a ‘cop out’ and what they are really saying is ‘we do not want to do anything about it’, well you may not want to, but eventually someone will have to.

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