Kulaksiz 5 at Girne District Court – 19/4/2011

PTMPeeps_007.jpgAfter arriving at Girne District Court at 10.00 a.m. we eventually went into the Court at just after 11.00 a.m. The Hearing before Judge Ilkay Sertbay took approximately 15 minutes. Both Akan Kursat, acting for Akfinans Bank Limited, and Boysan Bora acting for the Kulaksiz 5 (17 people) appeared to have much to say to the Judge.

The case was adjourned until Friday 6th May 2011. The full Hearing is scheduled to start at 11.00 a.m. and we have been instructed by our Advocate to be at the Court by 10.45 a.m.

We are asking for an Interim Injunction to stop Akfinans Bank Limited selling our homes before any final judgement is made.  The procedure as far as I understand it (all was in Turkish and I have to rely on the translation being correct) is that Akan Kursat Advocate for Akfinans will appear before the Judge prior to the Hearing to give the Judge his response to our case and our Advocate will be made aware of this and be able to prepare his response.

Our Advocate, armed with this information will then decide which of us, if any, will be needed to be witnesses during the Hearing.  The Chief Reporter from Cyprus Today was present at this Hearing, the only member of the Press there. This speaks volumes of the stranglehold the threat of legal action by Akfinans Bank Limited has had on the press, most especially the Turkish speaking press.

You will remember the quote in Cyprus Today when a spokesman to Akfinans Bank allegedly said he did not want this case reported in the media. It would seem that he has achieved this aim with most of the the so called ‘free press’ in the TRNC. Shame on you all.

It is my understanding that Cyprus Today is very restricted in what it is allowed to report on. You may, or may not see a report on the pseudo arrest of Pauline Read and the detaining of Ipek Ozerim for 3 hours on Sunday 17th April 2011 at Lapta police Station. This is an editorial decision which, when I enquired about it, had not yet been made.

I shall be writing more on the press restrictions and the difficulty we are experiencing in getting any Turkish speaking newspaper to publish the Turkish version of the Statement so bravely made by Advocate Boysan Bora. This statement is in the public domain thanks to NCFP, the first online newspaper to publish it. It would seem that not only does Akfinans Bank Limited have extraordinary sway with the Government and Police, their tentacles also go deeply into the Press industry, the so called Free Press.

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