Kollapsis, the final episode

Afternoon WalkI call this final episode, I wish I could be sure it was.  The final episode should see the Director of Kulaksiz Construction Ltd, Abdurrahman Guney, and Yuksel Yilmaz being pursued into Turkey, all their assets stripped, sold and the proceeds used to make restitution to their victims. They should be tried and then when found guilty given an appropriate jail sentence.Pollymarples with very little effort in sleuthing found  the Approval of Company Incorporation  signed in Nicosia on 05/06/2003 for Kulaksiz Construction Limited;   my copy dated 05/11/2009  lists  Latif Dansic as Director (replaced Abdurrahman Guney);  Hasan Kilic as Secretary and also as a shareholder with 500 shares valued at 1,000000 TL per share and Turan Kulaksiz as shareholder with 9,500 shares with a value of 1,000000 TL per share.

Now I would assume that the shareholders might have some responsibility  for the debt incurred, the company even bears the name of the major shareholder.   I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to come forward, but the point is that with very little effort Polly could find this so why aren’t the police investigating this so obviously fraudulent action?

The High court was able to serve legal papers on Yuksel Yilmaz at Hatay Airpot in Turkey.  How much effort would it take to arrest him and bring him back here to face charges for fraud, if such a case could be proved.  Well it will never be proved if an investigation is not carried out, again, don’t hold your breath, there has to be the ‘will’ to carry out the investigation and I see no sign of that.

Finally, Akfinans Bank Limited should, in my opinion, face a major independent audit by their governing body, the Central Bank.  They should be made to produce the original loan agreement and every victim should be given the right to inspect this agreement; they do have a vested interest.  I know I have asked to see it on numerous occasions.  Why is it so secret, I feel it would be easier to obtain a copy of the the formula for nuclear fusion.  Polly is laughing, she says I do not know what nuclear fusion is, between you and me. I don’t. What I do know is RIGHT from WRONG.  This is about the most wrong thing I have ever known, and the really sad part is that everyone involved knows it.

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