Jennifer Lopez is Gonna Perform in the TRNC

Jennifer is a gutsy lady and despite the threats she has being getting she is going ahead with the concert on 24th July. To counter the aggressive and sometimes racist tone of some messages on Facebook an alternative has been set up to show how many people support her move to break the TRNC’s isolation. The EU is reported to be looking at Direct Trade and so it should be no surprise that current trade should included entertainers coming to the north. Many Greek Cypriots come from the south and spend money in the north and yet no one has objected to this UN supported initiative to allow free trade between the north and south. Perhaps the same people who are insulting Jennifer should press for the crossings to be closed. If they want to cut the north off from the world this has got to go a long way to stop people arriving in Larnaca in order to holiday in the north. Let them all use the Turkish airline companies, that’ll teach them a lesson!

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At the time of rental an authorisation is obtained on your credit card based on the estimated rental charges plus the cost of one tank of fuel. The purpose of this authorisation is to ensure that there is sufficient credit on your card to settle all costs at the end of the rental.

This deposit amount is normally automatically released from your card shortly after the end of the rental. I was sorry to learn that this did not happen in your case. I can confirm that I have contacted our credit issuer, who has confirmed that the amount has now been released and may take up to ten working days to be available on your account. Please be advised that this is how long it takes the bank to process our request, it is not a Hertz issue.

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