Is Turkish To Become An Official EU Language alongside Saami?

Is Turkish To Become An Official EU Language alongside Saami?According to the north’s Havadis newspaper (19.01.16) the south’s President Anastasiades has asked for the Turkish language to be included among the official languages of the European Union. The reason being that he has suddenly discovered that the Turkish language is one of the official languages of the Republic of Cyprus.

Among the current official languages of the EU are included the Saami languages of northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Kola Peninsula in Russia which have only a few hundred speakers in some communities and are in danger of dying out. Yet the south have, up to now, never considered asking for Turkish to be included when they joined the EU in 2oo4.

“The Greek Cypriot leadership will take a step within the good will framework on the ‘official language’ issue, which had been on the agenda for a long time but no step was taken”, reports Havadis.

The south’s government said that the reason for the delay was because of objections raised by EU administrators and not by the authorities of the Republic. They explained that the reason the Turkish language had not become an official EU language was because of the high cost of introducing it. However, no such objection has ever been raised over the the Saami languages despite only a few hundred people being able to read EU documents in that language.

Something fishy going on there, don’t you think? Oh, and has anyone pointed out that Turkish Cypriots speak a dialect of Turkish, a blend of Ottoman Turkish and the Yörük dialect, and not pure Turkish?

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