“in the Property Market there is no racism” in North Cyprus

Here we are just 9 days away from the symbolic date on which we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I wanted to share this picture with you of a lovely puppy dog who decided to share with Jesus his symbolic crib in a Nativity display in America. It is cute and no-one had the heart to disturb the puppy and I know God will approve of their decision. We are all important to God, even the ‘cheeky’ little puppy. Almost appropriate that the puppy should be of German Shepherd descent.

Most of you will be thinking, this cannot be written by Pauline, she isn’t lambasting someone. Well I am a little mellow at present and since I have made no secret of my belief system, you will understand the Christmas is special to me.Some of the members of Kulaksiz 5 are spending Christmas with their families and this is so important at a time when this could be the last Christmas as owners of their legally bought and paid for homes.

Akfinans Bank Limited clearly have no compassion and have gone to a lot of trouble to try to alienate the Government and the ordinary Turkish Cypriots against the victims. They have failed with those Turkish Cypriots who know of this travesty. I am assured by many that the issue is still regularly brought up on current affair/documentary type programmes here and that feedback comments are showing the distaste ordinary men and women feel for the actions of Akfinans Bank LImited.

It is important I do not forget the many other victims of this travesty they call the Property Market here. Those whose homes are so badly built that they will spend this winter fighting the elements just to keep the water out. Those who are still paying an ‘arm and a leg’ for the most basic of Human Rights, the right to a reasonably priced supply of electricity and water. We do see a certain amount of racism displayed here in the uneven way that we, the foreigners, are treated and racism is also a violation of one’s Human Rights, but in the Property Market there is no racism, the indigenous people and foreigners have been conned without fear or favour. There are those who will never see a completed property even though they have paid most or all of the asking price. Tutuska victims, a treble whammy for them, they paid extra to complete their complex only to find that Tutuska took out a personal loan, did not make the repayments and the person he owes the money to put a charge on their properties and then discovered that Tutuska had double sold two of the apartments and the second owner is demanding rent from the first.

You really couldn’t make it up. Tutuska survived one auction, will they survive another? All victims are having their most basic of Human Rights walked all over and the Government just watches this happen. Strong positive action is needed and this can only come from the Government. Will it happen? I do not know. Until the Human Rights of the people who live here are respected then I really cannot see the rest of the world respecting the Human Rights of the TRNC and that is so sad because two wrongs never did make a RIGHT. Justice must prevail.

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