Greek Cypriots start a new property case avoiding the IPC

A property lawsuit has been lodged against Turkey, using the RoC courts for the first time. The case aims to find Turkey guilty of restricting the Shacolas Group’s ability to use their property in north Cyprus. Greek Cypriot lawyers Achilleas Demetriades and Andreas Triantafyllides seem to believe that their case will succeed where others have failed.

After the RoC rubber-stamps it’s acceptance of the decision there are seemingly only a few legal options open to them: deliver the judgement to Turkey via an EU embassy or to go to the European Court of Human Rights. The ECHR recently rejected 8 cases against Turkey brought by Greek Cypriots and ruled that property cases must go through the Immovable Property Commission managed by the Turkish Cypriots. This decision has angered some Greek Cypriots who believe the this particular judgement should be ignored, possibly because it is a quick and relatively cheap route which does not require expensive lawyers.

I wonder what Turkey will do with the RoC judgement?


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