Greek Cypriots now trying to wreck TRNC tourist industry

Not content with trying to wreck the TRNC property market the Greek Cypriot lawyer Constantis Candounas has made it clear that he now intends to target tourists using hotels in the TRNC. Both attempts could have the opposite affect, however. Property sales could rise dramatically if GC predictions are true that 90% of EU citizens would now sell their properties. These sales would boost property taxes and advocate and estate agent incomes.

There would be a boost of passengers travelling via Turkey rather than risk being stopped by GC officials at crossings quizzing them about where they are going to stay in the TRNC. This would bring a much needed boost to CTA, the TRNC government controlled airline.

These attempts to attack the TRNC economy are meant to force them to make concessions in the Cyprus Talks but instead are hardening attitudes so that should a referendum ever occur then there will be a massive NO from the TRNC voters. These economic attacks also make it more likely that the TRNC and Turkey will become more closely linked and for TRNC to become steadily Turkified.  There is even a possibility that over the next few months someone will attempt to evict trespassers from Turkish Cypriot property in the south with the possibility of civil unrest that such a thing could ever happen in an EU country. Yet the EU has made it abundantly clear that Cypriot property should not be occupied and that to do so is a criminal offence. Perhaps someone may even point out that the south Cyprus government is aiding and abetting these crimes in the south and at some point may be seen as being in contempt of court if a case determines that it is discriminatory for an EU government to allow one set of EU citizens to do what others have been found guilty of. Opening a can of worms is a very apt description of the UK Appeal Court’s judgement.

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