Galatasaray to open football school in north Cyprus

galatBreaking news is that the Galatasaray Football Academy has opened a football school in north Cyprus [1]. This will be Galatasaray’s 39th school. The school will be managed by Sercan Cavusoglu. So, it looks as if young north Cyprus footballers might be given a route into international football. At the very least they can prepare themselves forĀ  matches against south Cyprus clubs, perhaps even APOEL, when the Cyprus settlement finally happens.

It has to be a shot in the arm for football in the north and will give footballers there the incentive to improve their skills in order to get ready for unembargoed football. From what I remember, a few years back, the Alsancak football club team used to be bused over the Green Line to play south Cyprus teams. I’m not sure if this still happens, but if it does then when these Galatasaray trained footballers start to come through they should find the competition a little tougher


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