Former Cyprus Finance Minister admits to “nepotism, cronyism and corruption”

I am sure most of you are unaware that there is a problem with corruption in Cyprus. Now that goes for both sides of the divide.

Mr Stavrakis, the former Finance Minister has come out publicly and admitted the problem in the RoC. Yes I know, you had no idea, you thought all the people bemoaning their lot over the lack of title deeds, of property fraud and the like were exaggerating. Attention seekers the lot of them. Now we have a former government minister admitting there are problems. That the nepotism, cronyism and corruption are accepted almost as an every day part of life.

I would like to point to the North as a shining example of the way things should be, I would like to, but I cannot, for all that can be seen is a mirror image of the RoC, but the North do not have a former minister or even a present one, brave enough to speak out.




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