For the attention of Miltiades “a self-confessed member of EOKA”

When my sister visited with me recently, naturally we took her to see all the usual tourist attractions, and some of the less usual.

Milt, a particularly virulent strain of Greek Cypriot, doubts Polly when she says we went to see the Mass Graves at Sehiltler, so here just for him is a photo of the Monument that confirms that visit.

For those of you living here but have never visited, you should. I could not bring myself to photograph the many names that are on the graves of the re-interred but I can tell you they were whole families ranging in age from a few months old to some in their 90s, all innocent Turkish Cypriots whose very existence so offended some Greeks and Greek Cypriot murderers.

There are photos there of the graves their killers had thrown them in, robbing them of their dignity even in death, their bodies thrown in and the remains lying there on top of each other. Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze us, yet we have people like Milt, a self-confessed member of EOKA, still trying to deny it happened as it did. No one denies that there were Greek Cypriot victims.

The one overriding thing that struck me as we walked around this well-tended area of remembrance was the quiet, not even a bird was singing.

I also found this about the genocide of school children in 1974 and I am reproducing the text for you as it does not copy well.

“In 1974, the attempted genocide against Turkish Cypriots was repeated once more. On 15 July 1974, a coup d’état, led by Greek Officers took place. The coup was organised by the military junta then ruling Greece, with the aim of overthrowing Makarios, the President of the RoC, and setting up a government that would unite the island with Greece.”

These happy children once attending the joint primary school of Murataga (Maratha), Sandallar (Sandallaris) and Atlilar (Aloa) in Famagusta Area do not live any more. They were massacred, with their families, by Greek Cypriot armed elements and buried into mass graves in 1974. Had Turkey not acted this time, this annihilation would have been extended to the rest of the Turkish Cypriot Community in Cyprus. Thus the Turkish Army clearly averted a wholesale genocide of the entire Turkish Cypriot community.

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