I ask you all to sign the END THE ISOLATION OF TURKISH CYPRIOTS e-petition

For the last 37 years the Turkish Cypriots have endured the hardship of being a race under seige. If some of you consider the word ‘seige’ a little strong, then consider this.

The world, with the exception of Turkey have an Embargo in place against the TRNC. Why, because Turkey, in 1974 came to the rescue of the Turkish Cypriots. Why? Because, with the help of Greece, the Turkish Cypriots were being ethnically cleansed by means of either forcing them to leave their homeland or worse, were slaughtering them. Emotive words, yes, untrue no.

Whether Turkey should have remained for 37 years is something I do not intend to comment on, because my knowledge of the subject is not extensive enough.

What I do know is that despite promises made to them by the EU, the USA and the UN in 2004 that if they voted in favour of the Annan Plan they would be rewarded, they still remain isolated from and by the rest of the world. It is hardly their fault that the Greek Cypriot side voted against the Annan Plan. Are they still to be punished because the Greek Cypriots overwhelminlgy rejected the plan? 65% of Turkish Cypriots voted in favour of the Annan Plan, 76% of Greek Cypriots voted against it.

I ask you all to sign the END THE ISOLATION OF TURKISH CYPRIOTS e petition.


End the Embargoes – in the 21st century they are an anathema and a gross violation of the Human Rights of every Turkish Cypriot man, woman and child.

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