Embargoed! – What About Turkish Cypriot Land in the South?

“It’s true that both sides of the green line have an atrocious set of political parties. One of my general problems with the property issue is that while TCs are always looked on as thieves of Greek land the Turkish properties in the south hardly get a mention on the international stage. Just one example would suffice. If we accept the GC proposal that every home owner has the first choice of whether or not they can return, then the GC leaders would have to accept that if the previous TC owners on Larnaca airport and the Mari power station that caused all the scandal last year would be faced with the option of being dismantled in order to pave the way for the Turkish owners back to their properties. My question is would the GC leaders or people accept this in any agreement. After all they are the ones demanding the right to return. My guess is with 130 000 in the south with no title deeds and at least 10 000 in the north neither side has a leader or party who has the courage to solve this issue. Sadly all they do is pay lip service with their rhetoric while the poor people just go on waiting and waiting for them with zero results. Its a sad state of affairs for all concerned. Frankly I don’t have much faith in the TC parties honesty on this or many issues either.” [Embargoed! FB]

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