Embargoed! hot on the lobbying trail

Nursuna1London based human rights group Embargoed! continues its intensive lobbying efforts to end the international isolation of North Cyprus. In a single day (Wednesday 23 September), the voluntary-managed group held four separate meetings with representatives from the UK Foreign Office, Syed Kamall Conservative MEP,  TRNC Foreign Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun, and AK Party MP Nursuna Memecan, who had attended the Lib-Dem conference in Bournemouth to debate Turkey.

The group is gearing up to a major campaign around the Cyprus property issue and used the meetings to brief people about their plans and wider concerns.

Chair Fevzi Hussein said, “This is a critical time for Cyprus, not only because of the talks, but also because of the fallout from the Orams case, which will be back in the UK courts this

Syed Kamall MEP & Ertan Hurer

Syed Kamall MEP & Ertan Hurer

November. Many within the UK Turkish Cypriot Diaspora are anxious about how this case will affect them and of course there are concerns it could fuel tensions between the two communities. The British & European authorities need to take their heads out of the sand and realise Turkish Cypriots will not put up with second class treatment indefinitely.”

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