Dog Poisoning

poisoned_dogOrganisations such as Kyrenia Animal Rescue have tried unsuccessfully to halt the poisoning of dogs but the government seem unable to do anything practical to stop this common practice

There have been many attempts to stop locals putting down poison to control stray dogs. Some see this as the only method as there are no dog catchers in north Cyprus. In many EU countries as soon as a stray dog is seen, someone will contact the equivalent of a dog warden and the animal would end up in kennels. Some organisations try to rehome these dogs but in some countries, after not being claimed for 7 days, they are “put to sleep.”

The sight of a trail of poisoned meat scattered along a road used by children, in countries other than those in the EU, would lead to determined efforts to find these killers before someone becomes accidentally poisoned. The environmental impact of the poisoned meat means that populations of birds and other animals may be affected.

We are told that local people have always done this, as if this excuse justifies breaking the law. If a pet is killed the poisoner feels no guilt because such animals seem to have no legal status here. If the poisoner was to deliberately destroy property it would be expected that a prosecution would follow but not so in the case of pets.

Well, Cyprus is not alone in the EU with this attitude towards animals. Governments of Spain, Italy, Greece and France still continue to turn a blind eye in cases of poisoning. There is little a concerned individual can do if government representatives will do nothing to bring poisoners to justice.

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