David Haye's relationship with north Cyprus

david-hayeOne of the reasons that people in north Cyprus were initially excited about boxer David Haye was the fact that he displayed the TRNC flag in the boxing ring. As an unrecognised country David was sticking his neck out a little because if he became more successful this act might affect his marketability. For example south Cyprus politicians might object to the flag being shown at boxing events just as they did to President Talat’s appearance at Turkey’s Formula 1 event.

It would take a brave man, and there is no doubting that David is one, to continue his defiance as he moves further into the limelight. His next match, for the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight belt, is in Germany on 7th November against 7-feet-2-inches tall, 320-pounds (23 stone), Russian-born Valuev. His opponent is the tallest and heaviest ever world boxing champion. He has yet to be floored or knocked out in his 16-year professional career.

Looking at David’s official website at www.hayemaker.com/ one thing that I did notice was the distinct absence of references to the TRNC apart from to list it as one of his addresses and to say that he trains there. The flag seems also to have disappeared apart from a partial glimpse in one image. Also there was no mention of the TRNC in his interview with Paul O’Grady. I wonder if he’ll be wearing the flag at the fight on Saturday?

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